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Home Automation Guide Home automation grants you the ability to control a large list of devices inside of your home remotely and automatically. When you decide to automate your home you will also be alerted to different events you might want to be informed about quickly while you are away. For example while you are gone there can be a bad leak in your house or someone might even try to burglarize it. With home automation you would be able to use your smart phone or a different type of remote control in order to alter setting within your house as you chose.

  With automation you would decide how a particular device would respond, when it should respond, and why it should respond. You would be in charge of setting up a schedule and then the rest would all be automated according to your personal preferences.

 All of this is going to provide you with convenience, control, cost savings as well as a smarter home.   So what are some of the items that can be automated inside of your home?  


Lighting can be automated

 You would be able to control the lighting in your home from wherever in the world you might be. You would be able to control individual lights that were located in various parts of your home from your bed, the kitchen, the car or even if you were on vacation sitting by a pool somewhere. With home automation you would have complete control over the lighting in your home from where ever you wanted and whenever you wanted.


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What To Look For When Buying A Security CameraCameras can be automated

 Cameras have been very important for homes and business for a while now as far as security is concerned. Technology has advanced to a point where where these cameras also have a lot of special features such as improved optics, sensors and a host of other things.

 One of these would include the ability to view your home remotely. Home automation would give you the ability to log into your camera and see, in real time, particular areas of your house or business while you are gone.

 You would be able to rotate, reposition, record, zoom and even snap pictures all from the palm of your hand. You can go even further then this and decide to automate your camera so that it records video at a specific time.

You can also set it up to take pictures automatically whenever it senses any kind of movement. Cameras give a home a large amount of unique features and capabilities and automation makes it even better. 

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Lorex LH014501C4F Security System ReviewSecurity systems can be automated and access control

 With home automation you would be able to open up your garage door remotely. You would be able to unlock or lock just about any door in your home using nothing more than your fingertips.

When you have a security system that is automated your house would be able to get in contact with you directly. This means you would get alerts about a particular security related problem that has taken place on your property.

This might be someone who is trespassing; it can be a water leak or even a sudden spike in the temperature of your home. Home automation would ensure you knew about these things.    


Home theater and entertainment can be controlled

 Think of all of the different components a home theater system has, Blu-Ray Players and external D/A converters, digital cable boxes and even HTPCs.  Each part of a home theater system is responsible for performing particular functions that provide you with impeccable audio-visual entertainment.

 With home automation you would be able to power on certain components and choose which inputs and outputs to change to, all from a single remote and using just one button. You do not have to worry about manually executing individual steps the way you used to in order to achieve a lone outcome.

Home automation makes things easy and it makes it simple for you to manage your home theater system which might be getting bigger and more complex.  


Phone systems can be controlled

 If you automate your home phone system it is going to provide you with a host of benefits, like heightened security, better privacy, and also home monitoring.

 Caller screening can be used to make sure that only certain numbers cause your phone to even ring, pretty much blocking out any unwanted calls. 

 With home automation you would be able to call in from a distant location and get live information about the status if your home at the moment. This could include current weather in the area, any security breaches, and also water leaks.

 With one of these systems in place you would be able to rest easy knowing you would receive no surprises when you were to get back home or from wherever you might be.


Leviton RC-1000WH Thermostat ReviewThermostats can be automated

 With a thermostat that is remote controlled you would be afforded the ability to control the temperature in your home completely.  Think about this for a moment. You would be able to control the heater in your home or the air conditioning all from the comfort of your bed if you wanted. You could control it while you were inside of your car driving from work. You could be at the airport waiting for a flight and control these items or even when you are arriving in another country.

You would be able to get notifications when the temperature got too low or became too high.

This is going to work well if you have either pets of plants that you want to make sure are taken care of while you are gone. Automation in this regard gives you the ability to maintain a very comfortable living environment.

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Irrigation can be automated

 With home automation now only are the insides of your home going to be automated so that you can control them easily, but you would also be able to control the systems responsible for maintaining the plant life around it. You can automate your home irrigation systems and even set up your own preferences. Automation would take care of the rest. 

 You would be able to save water and money by means of sensors that detect rain, effectively shutting off your sprinkler system so that water does not go to waste.

 Your sprinkler system can also be triggered if it detects movement on your lawn. This would turn your irrigation system into a home  


How home automation can be accomplished

 Home automation is possible by means of different kinds of connectivity. What makes it even better for you is that the home automation products of present day do not require any new wires. This makes them good to be retrofitted into an existing home.

If you are having a new home built or having some serious remodeling work done though, then you might want to think about adding some networking audio, video and even control wiring. It is simple and will not prove costly. You will be glad you did this down the line.  


What are some of the different brands of home automation systems?

 One of the things that is going to be confusing for you if you decide to have your home automated would be which brand of automation system you want to use. These systems are not going to be easy to select for several reasons. Here are a few of them.


Their simplicity or their complexity. A complex system might be more expensive, but it might actually provide more features. A simpler system might not have as much capabilities, but it might be the perfect way to get started if you are intimidated by the idea of having your home automated.

  Some home automation systems are very expensive, and this means you might decide you want to go for one that is not going to break the bank. The problem is if you go this route you might find you are greatly limited in the brands you can choose from. So price becomes very important.

 Some of these home automation systems have been known to have problems as far as installation is concerned. Certain systems are far easier to get up and running, while others might prove difficult. So you would need to consider this.

 In some cases a certain system might not be a good fit for your home.

You being able to find the particular make and model of home automation system that would work for you does not have to be an intimidating process. What you have to try and do if find a system that comes with some good customer support. This way you would be able to ask some questions if you ran into trouble.

 You might also want to consider going only with some of the more well known systems out there. These are systems that have been on the market for a while so that any bugs have been worked out.

Finding out information about such systems would not be that difficult and installation should not be that tough either.

 What you have to do is make an effort to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the system you might choose. One good way to do this is to do some reviews online. If you go to an offline store do not be afraid to ask questions to the store staff. In the meantime here are three popular home automation systems.  


·   Z-Wave

·   X10

 There are several other systems out there and you are going to find that a lot of them offer the same thing. But some have more capabilities while others only provide very basic functions. Be sure to take your time in making a choice, because you do not want to make a mistake. Nor do you want to go through all the work of installing one of these systems only to find out it is a bad fit for your home.  

One last thing. Give some careful thought to the specific items in your home you would really want to control remotely and make sure you understand why. For instance, if you are a person who travels a lot then you will want to be able to control your security system and irrigation systems.

If you have a lot of devices on your home then you would want something that makes control of those items easy. This is why it is going to be important for you to ask questions or perform some research before making a purchasing decision.  

 Home automation still has not become really popular yet, but you can be sure that it is the next big thing. It makes your life easier and it also gives you a degree of control you could not even begin to imagine.



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